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Psychiatric Training Program

  • Within its primary objective of assisting in improving and rebuilding the mental system in Haiti by increasing its capacity, Rebati Sante Mentale (RSM), in collaborative partnership with the Haitian American Psychiatric Association (HAPA), the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Montreal and Haiti’s Health Department (MSPP) has completed Phase ONE of a psychiatric training curriculum module for medical students, residents at the Universite d’Etat d”Haiti (UEH) and Primary Care professionals.

  • As designed, the curriculum module includes an academic component which primary focus on medical students and a clinical component directed primarily at residents and primary care.

  • A successful program of psychiatric education will guarantee a growing interest in the field and encourage more graduates to pursue a residency training in the field.

  • The medical student module will include core basic and fundamental issues that form the foundation of Psychiatry, such as the understanding, recognition, etiology and pathophysiology and recognition of major psychiatric problems.

  • Those who choose other specialists will still have a basic knowledge, which will enhance their skills in managing mental aspects in their practice.