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Building Bridges Between Haiti and the Diaspora

OCTOBER 6 TH -7 TH , 2017

Main Conference Objectives and Rationale This conference aim at building bridges between Haiti and in the Diaspora in developing and implementing culturally effective mental health programs for Haitians in Haiti and in the Diaspora. The theme of the conference is State of Mental Health in Haiti in Post The Earthquake and Mathew: Building Bridges Between Haiti and the Diaspora. Rebati Sante Mentale, a not for profit organization registered in the US and in Haiti, hosted three previous summits on Haitian Mental Health and thus have a track record of producing high impact and highly attended conferences in Miami and in Canada. The conference objectives have been created to ensure that effective culturally congruent and empirically based methodologies are being developed and integrated into research programs aimed at reducing the burden of mental illnesses among all Haitian individuals. The main objectives of the conference are to:

(1) enhance the cultural knowledge base of mental health researchers focusing on Haitians;

(2) enhance the cultural knowledge base of mental health providers working with Haitians;

(3) provide the skills necessary to effectively integrate cultural factors into mental health research and practice; and

(4) develop strategies by which researchers and practitioners can collaborate with each other to effectively address the mental health needs of Haitians in Haiti and in the diaspora. Speakers for the conference will be nationally and internationally acknowledged researchers and clinicians from Haiti and the US presenting in their areas of expertise via interactive formats. The thematic conference will take place at the University of Miami October 6 and 7 th , 2017. The conference will open with keynote presentations each day followed by working group discussions and reporting.

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