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Collaborative Care in Mental Health in Haiti  and the Diaspora: Culturally Sensitive Solutions for Wellness Across the Lifespan

Friday and Saturday, May 30–31, 2014 Université de Montréal  2900 Boulevard Edouard-Montpetit  Montreal, QC H3T 1J4, Canada

It is estimated that there are about 14.5 million Haitians in the world and about 12 million of all Haitians live in the main land of Haiti and Dominican Republic. Others are spread across the globe, in continents like North and Central America and in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The psychosocial state of Haitian community has been fragile for years due to living ghosts of slavery, terror and exploitation by foreign and domestic powers, political violence, destructive hurricanes, and lack of social infrastructure and near famine conditions. The majority of Haitian people have been dealing with chronic life stress for many years. The community has undergone a traumatic social history and related experiences have lived in people’s memories for years. There is a huge stigma associated with mental health in Haitian community and people are very reluctant to talk about their problems  and ask for help.

The objective of this event is to meet the mental health needs for Haitians coming from Haiti, the United States and from Canada. The program will discuss stigma associated with mental health in Haitian community and raise awareness regarding the best practice models of mental health interventions for the community. The two-day event will facilitate networking among individual professionals and institutions focusing on Haitian mental health. The program will highlight the outstanding work of Rebati Santé Mentale and its new forthcoming projects. Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals will speak about the unmet needs of mental health of Haitian community and propose culturally- appropriate approaches to address the on-going challenges faced by mental health providers in the community.

The event will be open to all, including mental health providers, mental health advocates, faith leaders, community leaders, and the general
public at large.

“Rebati Santé Mentale” Haiti is a non-profit organization dedicated to the overall goal of establishing an effective mental health capacity in Haiti, that is an integral part of Haiti health services, policy, and funding, and that provides evidence-based systems, delivery, and treatment strategies. “Rebati Santé Mentale” was formed after the Haitian Mental Health Summit that was convened at the University of Miami on June 26, 27, 2010. After four years of the earthquake that happened in Haiti on January 12th 2010, Rebati Santé Mentale is organizing its third summit on mental health to continue its efforts of establishing effective and culturally informed mental health care for Haitian community, locally and in Haiti. 

OMNA on Tour is presented by American Psychiatric Association’s Office of Minority and National Affairs (OMNA). It is a one-day interactive workshop designed to address mental health needs  of local communities. OMNA collaborates with the local community and stakeholders to structure the program so their needs are  properly understood and addressed. 

This program is presented by the Rebati Santé Mentale (RSM) in  partnership with the American Psychiatric Association’s Office of  Minority and National Affairs (OMNA) and Université de Montréal.